Php 291,200.00 VAT inclusive for the first 150 persons
(In excess of 150 persons, Php 1,433.60 VAT inclusive per person)

   - Use of Venue
   - Food (Buffet)
   - Two (2) nights stay at a hotel for 2 persons
   - Sounds and Lights (Basic)
   - Choice of:
      • Photo Booth (3 hrs.)
      • 100 pieces (10 ml.) bottled perfume (as souvenirs)

   - Use of Lounge Room (for the whole duration of the event)
   - Use of Stage
   - Use of Wide Screen (Projector not included, with minimal charge)
   - Use of Platform
   - Use of Podium

Maximum of 6 hours use of venue with A/C (P8,500. per hour in excess of 6 hrs.)

Terms of Payment:
   1st Payment - Reservation Fee - P10,000.00 (non-refundable)
   2nd Payment - 50% downpayment one (1) month after payment of reservation fees
   3rd Payment - Full Payment one (1) month before the event, together with P20,000.00

• If event is within two (2) months before booking date, 50% down payment will be due upon confirmation of the event.

Cancellation Penalties:    - Reservation fee is non-refundable, however, it is applicable should the event be rescheduled.
   - Clients may reschedule an event but only within six (6) months after cancellation and subject to space availability.
   - 20% penalty to be charged to the client if cancelled two (2) months before the event.
   - 50 % penalty to be charged to the client if cancelled less than two (2) months to one (1) month before the event.
   - 100% penalty to be charged to the client if cancelled less than one (1) month before the event.
   - Clients are allowed to hold tentative bookings for a WEEK, after which , the next party on wait list shall be given priority.
   - Price are subject to change without prior notice.